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Top 10 Compulsive Multiplayer Games For Android

Let's talk about the importance of playing multiplayer games, playing multiplayer games is fun because it brings us a whole new experience in gaming, it mix us up with different people and sometimes builds distanced long term friendship, so today I'll be listing some multiplayer games for a tryout.

Top 10 Compulsive multiplayer Games For Android

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is one of the best compulsive racing game you can play on android devices, this games brings so much fun when paying online and offline, it's graphics is awesome, you can race on over 50plus amazing racing tracks and also enjoy real multiplayer actions against different people.

2. Modern Kombat 5

Modern Kombat is another cool fps multiplayer game to play, in modern Combat you can built your team and add as many friends you want, this game gives you the chance to feel what it means to be a soldier and what it means to fight as a team, in modern Combat 5, there's a versus battle which means you can fight with any online opponent, it's a cool game but have it in mind that you'll need an high end device to enjoy it better.

3. Rptide GP2

Rptide gp2 is one of the old games you'll love to play, just like any racing games, rptide is famously known for its amazing graphics in hydro jet racing, it's really fun to ballet other players while on air, I'm sure you'll love to play this game.

4. Shadowgun: Dead Zone

Shadowgun unlike any other fps multiplayer games, it gives you a taste of team team actions, you can play with at least 12 different people in this game, and you can use any types of character from the 10 recommended characters in this game, cool locations and awesome graphics for you to enjoy.

5. Mortal Combat X

Mortal combat is not a trending words to almost everyone, yeah it's old but everytime Konami seems to bring a whole new experience in mortal kombat, mortal kombat x is the one of the trending arcade games so far, it's simple to play and all you need to do is build a team of three and leas them to fight battles and also contest against other players.

6. Gt Racing 2

Much more similar to asphalt 8 Airborne, and also one of the best car racing games you should play, all racing tracks are very complex but still fun to enjoy, lots of amazing cars for you to race with, you can race against friends from Facebook and any social networks you're connected to.

7. Chess - Play & Learn

Chess is a game of tactics, though it sometimes looks boring to play but believe me there's much fun playing chess game, playing chess connects you to millions of people around the world, let's you learn tactical skill, gives you exciting innovations and let's you have real fun by having a real time conversation with poeple and also let's you learn from them.

8. Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the best word games to play, it's easy, it's gives an insight about some of the big words in English, you can play solo and you can also play with your friends on facebook, you can play a versus game with the computer to test yourself, and you can also play in different languages like Spanish, Italian, German and so on.

9. Marvel: Contest Of Champions

This use to be my favourite multiplayer game, just like the marvel super heroes we see in movies, in this game you can build a team of three and lead them to glory, join alliance and fight side by side with your alliance members. You can play solo and also play weekly and daily challenges to earn your self more golds and other valuable items.

10. Marvel Future Fight

Marvel future fight is an epic RPG game, here you can team up with friends, join alliance to battle other alliance and also claim glory for your self and your alliance, like I said earlier, it's an epic RPG game and it's filled with amazing stories ro give you more emotional thoughts, so play and enjoy.
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Above all are the most compulsive multiplayer games you can play, this games are cool and requires good internet to run them, I hope you enjoy and make new friends in the games, I've made mine now your turn too, I'll appreciate you sharing and commenting on this post.

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