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Top 10 Cool Dating Apps For Android (2017)

Today, social media have become the best way we can meet new people, that are around you even those that are far away from you. Most of the time we become busy with our daily tasks and job, this affect those that have wishes to date someone, which it's become hard to meet new people. But technology have try to us, Today social have become the easiest way which you can date someone. Here we are to give you 10 Apps which can help you to find your soulmate.

Top 10 Cool Dating Apps For Android (2017)

1. Happen

This app can look easiest to you, which it's will help you to find all near by people register on the app too. The app gives you a full details of a person which you go for your own desire.

2. Juamo

This another great app, which is popular and we'll known. Which it's has great amount users. It's easy use, which you only singup if you are a new user and update your profile with your pictures, age , weight, name, etc.

3. March Dating

This app gives some years back, because it's published since the beginning of dating online. The app is totally accomplished with many features, for any person who feel to have soulmate to date.

4. Tinder

This app gives it's users a good interference. Which you are allowed to  date nearby people around you, and also it's have lots of users considering the apps on this list.

5. Cbn Or Coffee Meets Bagels.

This app has an amazing feature, because you don't have to give your self stress to find your heart desire, it's automatically find you people you can date and it's gives you suggested people according to your details you updated.

6. Zoosk

This app also have many users, which you can find your heart desire. It's allowed users to chat with people so that you find the right person to date.

7. POF

POF can be known to you on the internet. Because the name are plenty on net, this app help user to find his/her heart desire. And it's gives you all features Free.


This app is a well built app, which gives you the feature to find your dating partner.

9. Badoo

Badoo is also another way which you can find your dating partner. But most of the people know it as a chat forum.

10. Anonymous dating

As the name comes up, this app is a good time place, which they don't need your personal details. This sounds great, your privacy can only be exposed to your dating partner.

With the above apps, you can find your best heart wishes. Succeed in dating!

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